Dach und Betonbeschichtungen
Dach und Betonbeschichtungen


The measurements were taken on Sunday 16.10. 2011. The weather was stable, sunny but not too hot.

The solar module was charged with light bulbs (12V/ 20 Watt), 2 light bulbs were connected in a row.
This series connection and were connected parallel (the measurement took place from idle to load and from load to idle).

Four measurements were taken per color (black/white). In total eight measurements.
The measurement setup was not changed (module, instrument, measuring line, lamps, etc. were not changed).

The weather was without clouds (stable). Only the white enclosure was taken away!!
The measurements were taken in a so-called electricity error circuit.


The electricity was measured with three parallel-connected measuring devices (so no measuring device can be ruined).

Measurement technology:

Ammeter: Fluke 75
Voltage measurement device: Mastech PM 334
Measuring line: Hirschmann 0,75
Hirschmann clamps
Standard light bulb (12V/ 20Watt)


Average peak power (black)= 115,6 Watt
Average peak power (white)= 127,7 Watt

White is 10% stronger at peak power than black.

Test Report

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