Dach und Betonbeschichtungen
Dach und Betonbeschichtungen

Thermo reflection coating

The reflection of the sunlight into space
stops global warming and saves energy.


With other words:

Light surfaces in the large cities of the world would stop global warming and mankind would have more time to develop new solutions for energy supply.

This is also demanded by Prof. Akbari, who suggest a program to the
United Nations, where the hundred largest metropolises enforce “coolroofs”and “cool pavements”.


In California, where Prof. Akbari does his research,
is this concept partially reality: since 2005 flat roofs have to be white.


In the “sunshine state”, where the largest part of the energy consumption of a building is due to air conditioning, does this show two affects:

Due to the white colour of the roofs will the building heat up less, which will drop the energy consumption and will additionally relive the climate.

Even companies like the retail giant Walmart invest in climate protection and have installed white roofs in 3 of their 4 US markets.


The VIKA - thermo reflection coating in white can reflect up to 90% of the sunlight back in to the atmosphere, hence a 25°C reduction in roof temperature can be achieved.


An energy saving off 20% of air conditioning and fossil fuels.


With this product you can prevent early ageing, pollution (due to pollen and algaecide), but also natural and age-related damages.


With VIKA - thermo reflection coating, your roof will be completely sealed and therefore slows down the ageing process of the roof.


The VIKA - thermo reflection coating is open for diffusion, self-cleaning (lotus effect) andtherefore compatible with every roof and roofing membrane (bitumen, foil roof)


- also recommended for facades.

Due to a study of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory,
which was released in September last year, could the global
warming be effectively targeted with the usage of white roofs.


100 square meters of roof surface, where a dark roof would be replaced by a white one, would offset an emission of 10 tonnes yearly of carbon dioxide.


The net radiation balance in cities would decrease by 200 watt per square meter till noon, said by the researcher Oleson and his colleague Johannes Feddema of the University of Kansas in Lawrence.

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